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Namaste dear yoga friends!

We are Yoga-T-Raum. Our studio is located in the heart of Offenbach and now we are also teaching for you online. Our studio connects people, it makes your soul smile, your spirit be fulfilled and your body to feel love. Our team consists of certified yoga teachers with many years of teaching experience and personal practice. Our yoga classes are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners and take place in German, English and Russian languages.

Our goal is to bring your attention to be here and now. We combine the old tradition of Hatha Yoga with modern knowledge of the body and focus on different muscle groups every class. Every class ends with meditation and deep relaxation practice.

With your participation, you gain energy and feel relaxation for the whole day. Also, you support our studio and yoga teachers.

Your Yoga-T-Raum Team
How it works?
To register, sipmply choose the course in the calendar above. Then follow the steps to register and book the class.

Please click on "Show all products", to see all of our offers. Make sure to register with your correct e-mail address , so we can send the link to join our live stream to you.
Get the link
Approx. 10 minutes before the start of the yoga class you will receive an email with the link to Zoom meeting from Fitogram.

IMPORTANT! Please also check your spam folder and log in to Zoom with the correct name.

Recommended: download Zoom beforehead (takes approx. 2 min)

Join Online Yoga Class
Click on the link in the email and enter the online yoga class. Or open the class page on the website and go directly to Zoom by clicking "Next button" (available 10 minutes before the start).

Approx. 10 minutes before the start the teacher is there. We will mute your microphone when the class starts, so you can only hear the teacher. We invite you keep your camera on, but it is totally up to you to keep it on or turn it off.
That's all you need to do, to join a class with Yoga-T-Raum.

We are always happy for any feedback or suggestions and we are always here for you, if you need anything.
Benefits of yoga online with Yoga-T-Raum
Not just online lessons - these are live classes in real time with the professional teacher.
You don't have to worry about being watched or judged - you are in the usual atmosphere at home in your room.
Meeting like-minded people - practice togeather in a community of supportive like-minded people who share your values.
All levels
With us, yoga will become your favorite daily ritual, which is easy and fun to do.
The effect of yoga will become noticeable when you exercise at least 3 times a week, and better daily. Online classes are the best solution to achieve your goals. Save your time and get the result that you have long dreamed about.
You will start to enjoy your progress, and you will be unstoppable on this path!
Our Teachers
Hatha Yoga Teacher
Uliana is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and owner of Yoga-T-Raum. She completed additional yoga teacher training in Rishikesh / India SwastiYoga with Surinder Singh and studied with other best masters in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Russia. She has been to more than 30 countries and experienced Vipassana meditation course in Sri Lanka. Yoga with Uliana has a therapeutic tendency. Finally to get relaxation, improve wellbeing, free your mind from millions of thoughts and feel like a happy person. The desire for personal growth will drive you again and through yoga you can achieve much more! You will feel inspired and fullfilled to enjoy the world!

Frank Shivadas Beringer (BYV)
Hatha Yoga Teacher
Frank had his first yoga experience in 1984 and found a deeper path to it during his stay in India. In 2002, he completed the training followed the tradition of Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh. He has also been practicing Zen meditation with Oi Saidan Roshi and Harada Sekkei Roshi since 1985. For him, yoga is the best preparation for meditation, as it clears the mind and promotes concentration. For him, yoga is primarily about detaching himself from everyday life, taking away the idea of performance and coming to rest. In his lessons he emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga, also by concentrating on the breath. Stimulated flow of life energy (prana) brings the attitude to the positive changes.
Hatha Yoga Teacher
Anna is a certified yoga teacher (600YTT) and Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Coming from the Vikasa yoga school in Thailand, she is offering the school signature classes based on the ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga practice combined with modern knowledge of body and mind. She will lead you through a process of internalization which brings you deeper into yourself, moving through physical, energetic, and mental techniques. A special bonus of the class is music with metronome beat which is specially designed to deepen your yoga practice.
Ingrid Schäflein
Kundalini Yoga Teacher (KRI)
Sat Nam and Namaste! My name is Ingrid and I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga with passion since 2009. I came to yoga via the detour Chi Gung - I am interested in everything that has to do with body awareness. Right now I am also feeling deeper into shamanistic tones. But what can I say, I am at home in Kundalini Yoga. It works for me: it helps me to ground myself, to center myself, to arrive at myself for a short time. By chanting at the beginning and at the end, through the combination of breathing, movement and sound and of course the closed eyes, it pursues a holistic approach. I like to pass on these techniques in my lessons!
Hatha Yoga Teacher
STRESS RELIEF through YOGA - healthy balance of tension and relaxation.
Constant stress reduces physical and mental balance, reduces motivation and resilience and may therefore promote illness. Persistent stress levels can reduce satisfaction in the private environment and also successful work in the job. During the lessons, relaxation exercises for muscles and joints, postures to stretch and promote mobility (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation are practiced.
Prices for Online Classes
The duration of the yoga class is about 60-90 minutes.
Trial lesson
YOGA 1: One class drop-in
YOGA Week: Unlimitted yoga for a week
YOGA 10: Pass for 10 classes (valid 6 months)
YOGA Month: Unlimitted yoga for a month
YOGA Year: Unlimitted yoga for a year
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